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Thought Leadership Podcast example
for BAE Systems

Purpose - $30 trillion dollars is spent annually in grants and relief funds and EY wants to be recognised as the global 'go-to' professional services partner for the sector. With a doubling of podcast consumption in the last 3 years to 500 million people listening at least monthly and high reach amongst the senior executives EY most want to influence, the series has been given priority to enhance EY's reputation and visibility.  

Solution - Podcast series featuring leaders from the United Nations, Defra, US Department of Health, Seminole County Government and EY

Target Audience - Government CFOs, accountable leaders, Chief Digital Officers, Program Directors responsible for fund management and distribution. Also people with responsibilities related to grants programmes, trade press and EY followers working in government or NGOs   

ROI - As per 'Benefits and Purpose' document submitted to BAE Systems - includes uplift in visibility with more ways for EY to be found, advocacy from key clients and prospects featured on the series and as marketing collateral

KPI's include - qualified introductions, awareness ratings, social media shares/likes, colleague/customer feedback, business wins, metrics

Objectives and execution plan - click to open/view deck (7 pages)

Listen here - click to play or visit



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Social Toolkit - encouraging guests to share 

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